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Polar Industries, Inc. is a collection of the industries most talented, experienced, and knowledgeable members.   

Polar was created by former Sony and Qualcomm executives in 2003. Together, with a successful NY entrepreneur, they created a vision to revolutionize the security industry.  Polar stands firm in its belief of the transition to 3rd Generation IP technology. Our company is committed to being at the forefront of the transition from Analog to Digital(IP), just as its founders were for Cell phones and Television.

The Polar staff is dedicated to providing best in class products and support. We maintain one of the most knowledgeable staffs in the industry, so not only do we offer great products, but the ability to support them effectively. Our engineers have been designing products for over 30 years and have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create successful products that will become a necessity for any organization. We take pride in our 9 month product cycles (half the standard 18months). The design of the zPan100TM continues to stand out as a revolutionary product and is supported by a full line of Network Video Recorders.

Come and let Polar Industries, Inc. welcome you into the new age of digital surveillance technology.