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Zetera’s Network Storage Integrated into POLAR’s Security and Surveillance Solutions, Displayed at NRF Conference

SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 11, 2007 – NRF Loss Prevention Conference - POLAR Industries, Inc., the leading provider of network recording equipment for the security industry, today announced that it has integrated breakthrough network storage technology from Zetera into its ZNVR™ network video recorders for the IP surveillance industry. POLAR will demonstrate the new enhanced solutions at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Loss Prevention Conference and Expo 2007 (booth 229), which is being held at the San Diego Convention Center June 11-12. 

Designed for use in security systems and other applications, POLAR’s  ZNVR network video recorders will now incorporate Zetera’s NBOD solutions to provide massive low cost, high performance digital storage for IP video. The benefits of SAN storage for IP surveillance include scalability, simplicity and performance.

The IP surveillance market is exploding, with up to 40 percent growth rates across all product lines.  “Just as cellular phones, video recording, television and radio upgraded from analog to digital formats, security is undergoing the same transformation to digital technologies,” noted Geoff Anderson, COO for POLAR Industries.  “Low cost storage is the Holy Grail for digital IP security because of the large amount of hard disk space required to store all the video.”  Anderson points to the retail segment, military, law enforcement and U.S. Homeland Security Department as ideal targets for this product.  
“We are impressed with POLAR’s technology and believe the ZNVR, combined with the reliable and fast NBOD storage systems, provides for a market-leading scalable digital video surveillance solution,” commented Chuck Cortright, Zetera’s president and CEO.
Zetera’s NBOD solutions can be installed quickly and can easily be scaled to add as much storage as needed.  Anderson continued, “NBOD solutions are also perfectly adapted to meet the security and surveillance needs for many other applications, including retail and department stores, malls, transportation hubs, hotels and casinos, which require more than seven days of recording.  Additionally, there has been strong interest in NBOD solutions among law enforcement agencies and police departments, where IP video storage requirements are as long as three years.”
Zetera’s NBOD family of solutions is based on its innovative Z-SAN® architecture.  Unlike other storage architectures, Z-SAN technology simultaneously optimizes the four fundamental factors that drive the success of a network storage system – scalability, performance, reliability and cost.  It uses Internetworking Protocol (IP) to deliver all of the networked benefits of a SAN without the expense or complexity. Products based on Z-SAN technology, such as Zetera NBOD solutions, are simple to install, configure and manage. 
POLAR’s Chief Technologist, Andrew Raia, is the architect of the ZNVRTM network video recorders.   The ZNVRTM provides camera management and control for up to 60 cameras.  Each unit features a built-in IP address and Web server for remote access to live and recorded video surveillance for up to 30 users simultaneously, utilizing a password-protected interface to ensure secure access.

“Zetera raised the bar for SAN based storage with the NBOD series.” Raia stated.  “The NBOD has shown us how IP surveillance can benefit from the technical advances from the leading company in SAN technology.” 
POLAR’s ZNVR network video recorders featuring Zetera NBOD networked storage solutions are now available.  For more information, please visit http://www.polarglobal.com.