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POLAR Industries ZPAN100® 360° Panoramic Security Cameras
Polar Media Contact
Geoffrey Anderson
Polar Industries, Inc.
(845) 569-4818

New Windsor, NY (March 23, 2006) – POLAR Industries, Inc., the leading provider of network recording equipment for the security industry, solidifies its reputation as the most innovative company in the IP surveillance industry by introducing the industry’s first 360° panoramic IP network camera, for use in security systems and other applications.

POLAR’s zPAN100® camera uses 3rd Generation digital technology for enhanced image capture and quality, capitalizing on the security industry’s shift from analog systems to digital platforms.  The first of its kind networked camera features full 360° area coverage, has a built-in IP address and is widely accessible to security personnel over the Web.  A live-action demo of the camera can be viewed at: http://www.nvrproducts.com

“The IP surveillance market is exploding with up to 40% growth rates across all product lines,” asserts Geoff Anderson, COO at POLAR Industries. “Just as cellular phones, video recording, television and radio upgraded from analog to digital formats, security is undergoing the same transforming shift to digital technologies.  The zPAN100® is the Holy Grail for digital IP security because of its ability to deliver greatly enhanced image quality, full 360° real-time video capture and easy accessibility over the Internet by multiple security personnel at one time, all from a single camera.”

POLAR will unveil the zPAN100® camera at the ISC West Trade Show, which is being held at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV (www.iscwest.com)  on April 5-7.  The company will show a live demonstration of the zPAN100® at Booth #16113.

“The zPAN100 camera is not only like having eyes in the back of your head, it’s like having eyes all around,” said Syed Zafar, a New York entrepreneur and POLAR’s CEO.  “The zPAN100® is sure to fire up the industry’s thirst for even greater expansion of digital IP technology.”

Anderson singles out the U.S. Homeland Security Department, the military, law enforcement and various retail segments as ideal targets for this product. 

“The zPAN100® camera can be installed on tanks, planes, trucks and other combat vehicles, to deliver high-quality, panoramic views in battlefield environments,” he adds.  “But, this product is also perfectly adapted to meet the security and surveillance needs for many other applications including heavy people-traffic environments, such as retail and department stores, malls, transportation hubs, hotels and casinos.  There has already been strong interest in the camera among law enforcement agencies and police departments, for both facility and in-vehicle security.”

POLAR’s VP Engineering, Adrian Parvulescu, is the designer of the patent pending zPAN100®, which is manufactured at POLAR’s facilities in New Windsor, NY.   The camera features six flexible viewing modes, with unique pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.  Each unit features a built-in IP address and Web server and can accommodate up to 30 users simultaneously, utilizing a password-protected interface to ensure secure access.

To help support POLAR’s broader vision for IP surveillance applications, the company has hired Shorey Public Relations (www.shoreypr.com), as the agency of record.

“POLAR has shown us how IP surveillance, and in particular the zPAN100®, can be used for applications beyond security,” says Missy Shorey, president and founder of Shorey Public Relations.  “We believe the zPAN100® will create the same level of excitement in Homeland Security as it has in the security industry.”